Unistat P and Hybrid

Unistat P

The Unistat P series are suitable for applications with have been designed with small cross sectional areas, and therefore high pressure drops. These applications require higher pump pressures. A pressure control and associated reduction of the flow rate is not required. These systems can operate with a high flow rate for optimum heat transfer.

Typical applications are found in Flow-Through chemistry and in the Semicon industry.

Unistat Hybrid

Large scale pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing plants traditionally use a centralised system of heating and cooling with inaccurate temperature control and a restricted temperature range.

The Unistat Hybrid allows improvements of existing temperature control solutions by combining them with a hydraulically sealed temperature control system from the Unistat range. The advantage of the Huber Unistat Hybrid system is the partial modernisation of an existing central heating and cooling system, preventing an expensive and time consuming complete renovation of the system as a whole.

The Unistat Hybrid system increases the present cooling and heating power, and expands the temperature range in already existing systems. The Unistat Hybrid ensures fast, precise temperature control for the entire chemical engineering process.