Tailor-made reactor systems.

To some extent every new concept appears to be quite clear, but the road to realisation can be quite a challenge as (bio)chemical processes tend to be enormously complex, and even the smallest of alterations may have its effect on the end result.

Allow LPS, 'Architects in Chemistry' to be your guide and partner. For many years LPS has been using its knowledge and expertise to develop tailor-made reactor systems for a variety of processes and research goals, throughout different industries.

We start the studies from our chemistry background. This is the essential first step for a successful guidance to the desired final result. All these projects have an LPS touch, like a signature dish.

Starting from a concept idea, we work through brainstorming sessions, establish professional URS’s, add 3D imaging, assemble and install the final product, your reactor system. Please click on the steps below to read more information about our approach:

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Tailor-made reactors for research and production.