Controlled benchtop reactors

The ReactoMate systems offer precise control of reaction variables, a robust framework to mount vessels, overhead stirrers and further accessories, plus excellent reaction visibility with the vacuum jacket option.

The CLR systems are fully customisable to the users requirements with an extensive range of options. Just as an example, we would offer a PTFE lid with a variety of ports/fittings as standard, but we can make a custom lid to suit your specific needs from PTFE or glass. The flange can be altered to suit, as well as the side arms and valves.

The Mettler Toledo RX-10 reactor control module allows you to program thermostat temperature, liquid dosing and sampling, and it integrates process analytical technology for data rich experiments.

To complement the ReactoMate Controlled Lab Reactor products, we offer a wide choice of compatible circulators from Huber.