Labscale reactor systems

For lab- and research-scale applications LPS offers both standard and tailor-made automated, modular, jacketed reactor systems.

The system offers control of process parameters using the Mettler Toledo RX-10 touch screen and intuitive software interaction, offering flexibility in process recipes and reactor-configuration, with interchangeable jacketed reactors ranging from 500ml to 5L.

These systems are used for synthesis, calorimetry, process optimization and parallel chemistry.

Features and specifications:

  • Vessel range from 500ml to 5L, easy to exchange without the use of tools
  • Vessels in double and triple jacketed configuration
  • Temperature range: -70°C to 180°C
  • Operating pressure: -1…0,3 bar(g)
  • Sensors for temperature, pH, pressure, turbidity etc.
  • Intuitive touch screen enables easy configuration and automation of the reaction process, monitoring and controlling thermoregulation, stirrer and probes
  • Process data are automatically logged, with real-time display of data
  • Stirrers in PTFE as anchor, pitched blade propeller and retreat curve
  • Overhead stirrers with high torque, high speed and torque feedback options