Controlled benchtop reactors

Reactomate CLR Pilot

ReactoMate Pilot accepts vessels from 10 to 30L as standard, but sizes in excess of this are available, optionally in alternative materials as well. The ReactoMate CLR system offers a compact footprint and its height adjustment facility helps to fit in many standard fume hoods.

With larger sized vessels there is often a concession made to visibility and to ease of use, however this is not the case with ReactoMate CLR Pilot. The highly chemical resistant stand allows access and visibility from every angle, and gives the user the ability to move the vessel up and down with only one hand. This innovative and secure stand makes it both easier to change vessels in a lower position, and to drain the vessel post-synthesis with it raised.

Mettler-Toledo's RX-10 provides an interface to the circulator, stirrer motor and sensors, in order to precisely control and monitor the reactions and processes. The intuitive touchscreen automates the most commonly used unit operations, such as heating, cooling, stirring, dosing, pH measurement, and sampling. By offering repeatable, controlled conditions, RX-10 enables improvements in yield, selectivity and product quality, and the data capture increases productivity.

The standard kit comes with all the necessary clamps, O-rings, stirrer shafts and guides, and PT100 probe. The system is designed to operate over a temperature range from approximately -70°C to 180°C.

We will work with you to select the best overhead stirrer and circulator to suit your requirements.